The Journey by Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya ( EMBRACE DIVERSITY)



First,it is the guilty conscious that consumed me beyond repair

-No,wait a minute,what denial did, you cant compare

-I perceived them as weird dreams I couldn’t share

-And built a wall between my heart and upstairs

-Bt soon enough,on the same wall,reality constructed stairs

-Boom! Infront of my eyes all it did is stare

Panic,obsessive compulsiveness were ills i had to bare

-Depression and other anxiety disorders caused my health to impair

-I hid behind intoxications because i felt like a bad flair

-For so long until, inside my house,addictions found a chair

-Bt i must have been saved by my mama,’s prayers

-Now am sobber,conscious and I have never been a player.

Verse 2

-Money,power,respect was the new obsession in air

-Hence it got to suicidal hustle without care

-My daily hustle was for fare

-Turned fugitive for i was no more a law Obeyer

-I calculated and applied tricks here and there

-Some,so very crazy that i can never share

-Sometimes i thought i was beyond repair

-Bt within myself i chose not despair

-In this life there is no lift one have to take the stares

-And freedom from self convictions is a gift with none other to compare

-So at last,i accepted the fact that am that breed that is rare

-And forever will be zigzag,cannot straighten not even by a surveyor.

Verse 3

-Suddenly ,a beat was formed from the kicks and snare

-Spread from ear to ear,through the years on air

-To other people,a horror sound track is enough scare

-Lyrics has more effect hence i chose not to declare

-Bt it was too late so many people were aware

-Coverd from head to toe but they saw me bare

-Most people believe am the product of the devil’s affair

-While others swore am the life they could never spare

-Walking ,i saw their eyes wide open as they glair

-Bt my courage,started to grow rapidly like a child’s hair

-The volcano erupted when i played truth and dare

-Right there and there,I knew she was my pair.