Did you know that most of us have been in self quarantine most of our lives?
Do you know that social distancing is our norm?
For people like us,we only go outside when it’s very necessary.
“Why”,you may ask.
 And my answer is, you.
You make us is feel uncomfortable, abnormal, unwanted.
You make us feel as though we are an  embarrassment. To the society. To humanity.
Imagine,living a life,where everyone’s eye is on you.
 People staring at you without a blink!
Some stop walking, just to look at you.
Women, men. Children and adults.
And the things you say,clarifies this feeling.
This feeling that, your eyes have already taken off all my clothes.
With how you analyse this bump on my chest.
I say bump,for you are not sure if its a real bust.
Yes my breast. You are not sure if its  real.
For the way you go down my waist. Wait, do I have a waist?
The way you go down my lower body,with your eyes,and suddenly  stop ,just below the stomach. Yes, there.
 I think ,you expect a bump,there too.
I know,because of the things you say.
Yes,the things you say.
 Mean things.
And how you laugh about it.
Laughing at me.
And you don’t even try to lower your voice.
You want me to hear of what you think of me
Some even shout,just to make me hear it all.
I think some of you expect an answer.
Some actually demand for an answer.
They want to hear if my voice matches the upper or the lower body.
And i know because of the things you say.
Mean things.
And some might argue and say its because of the dress code. But don’t we all wear T-shirt and jeans? I mean both females and males?
The clothes don’t shape the person. Its the person that shapes the clothes.
Then you start translating my physical appearance to my sexuality.
 You have all the answers about who i am  and who i sleep with.
And quite often ,our silence end up being taken for weakness/ arrogance, and we end up being stripped, beaten, and sometimes loose our lives.
Am talking about people like us.
Women who are somehow built like men.
Some calls us #Semenya.
Yes us.
You make our lives hard,hence we would rather quarantine, than meet you in the street.