Our Love is Valid by Grammo Suspect-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya ( EMBRACE DIVERSITY)


Verse 1

When i say that all my dreams are valid, i bet most of you will agree

But if i tell the details of the same dream, funny, most of you will disagree

We all got dreams under different grounds,for me, some about being a honoree

And some, erotic and exotic action to a very high degree

Through the the hallway to the room that i lay, my partner makes a graceful entree

Foxy walk and sexy smile, fine body, enticing booty covered by an elegant lingerie

I know, most of you expected another dress code, like a suit, maybe a tuxedo, you would rather a dungaree

So ,you shout nightmare,but in my dream you can’t be a referee?

But your noise, your noise don’t stop my dream, am deaf but not dumb, so i tell of this bree

Around her neck, wrist and waist she wore appealing ornaments with filigree

Soothing, captivating smell,is what hit me when she attack and does things i could never dreem

In no time am nude, not even with my spiritual pugaree

Intimate journey of mutual consent in both parties,that led to a jamboree

Where different kind of music features, staring the chivaree

Major event with variety of food, mukimo,mbuta,biriani even puree

We live happily ever after, the executive ceremony that we kill with a French dance, called bouree

Verse 2

I open my eyes in gladness, but, it’s cut short by the news of this decree

Some head of state signed a bill using false concept as a pedigree

Has he forgotten the history of THE COURT OF KABAKA?KING MWANGA?Ignorance earns no one a degree

Or maybe , he don’t know the concept,among NILOTICO LANGO called MUKODO DAKO ,by now, he should be a retiree

Just like the stars ,we shine and way too many to count one, two three

Some of us live frugally and hoard what we have, and others dessipitate it in a wild spree.

Do you remember Akhenaten,the Egyptian Pharaoh? And Smenkhare?

Wow! That couple, was over free

Astrologers,traditional healers were the terms in pre- colonial Burkinafaso, am not a chickaree

BIAN NKUMA,a transmitted medicine for wealth that was considered germs free.

All over Central Africa, among Azande Warriors, am no filatree.

Check out ancient paintings of bushmen, don’t they depict intimate activitee?

South Africa CHIBADI, BAHIMAS OF Uganda, ONEK of Agikuyu,this is an African tree

NZINGA, a warrior woman in the NDONGO KINGDOM of the MBUNDU,ruled as a king, carefree

The people of Buganda and Africa in general, need to be set free

Free to dream, free to live the dream, we human we can’t live in a ree

Free will to live with whoever we dream of, we can’t be tied to an axle tree

Verse 3

There are way too many Gods, hard to choose the real from the illusionary

Which one do i serve,Allah, Gai the God of Agikuyu, Nyasae of the Luo or the one of the Calvary?

Different Scriptures, even the ALSHABAAB and the ALQEADA claim to be following the word, when sending people to the mortuary

Variety of culture, some great, others pathetic,like female genital mutilation is slavery

Religious leadership role called MUGAWE among Ameru of Kenya,existed way before Missionary

GANGA YA CHIBANDA a priest of Gauges in the Congo, was contemporary

But all this Gods,Scriptures and cultures, shares love, that is mandatory

Rainbow way is all about love, free will in both parties ,so ,don’t compare it with burglary

And most of you do relate, so don’t act like the term homosexual is a vocabulary

If you living in the closet, or doing it behind your wife’s back, your sons and daughters will have me to thank for bravery

I am biologically programed within, beyond no choice, hence this ain’t temporary

And am not any less of a person ,in God’s eyes, pertaining His love and kingdom, i am a beneficiary

It’s not a lifestyle, one has no choice, not a fantasy but an identity, happens naturally no forgery

Embracing the orientation is the only realistic route to mental health and happy living, shows discovery

Praises be to my Maker, for i am beautifully and wonderfully made, quite the opposite of a mockery

Grammo Suspect,I got too many clothes to find a place in the closet, hence out in the light, I AM exemplary