I was not scared.I was not uncertain. And most of all ,I wasn’t ashamed.
Those are the types of emotions ,most of the gay people experience,when they take their partners home,for the first time.
Luckily,for me, it was different.
My mom is literally an angel.
She is the most loving human being I have ever met, since I was born.
She is caring, amazing and wonderful.
Allow me to take you back,way before this day, when my fiancee met my mother.
My dad died 10 years ago . Before then,he was married to 4 wives. And my mom was second.
When I was younger,my dad used to provide food for all of us. And when I say all of us,I mean 37 kids.
 I actually thought we were 34, until when I went home last December.
He also paid for education for some of my elder brothers and sisters. Something that I didn’t get to enjoy.
And for that, I was mad.
 It broke my heart that my father was not willing to pay for my school fees.
But my mom ,tirelesly dug other people’s land,in order to provide school fees for me, and my  siblings.
Today,it’s not about my father,it’s about my mother. But I can’t talk about my mother’s love, without talking about my father.
Now, despite the fact that,my dad continued to cater for our last mother and her kids,my mom never stopped loving my father.
And she knew that I was angry at him,but she always reminded me that,he was still my father, and her husband.
My main work when I was younger,was to herd livestock. And most of the times, we could take care of pregnant cows, and when they delivered,my dad would command us,to take them to his forth family,so that they could enjoy the milk.
That BS made me furious.
But my mom, always had abundant love and respect for my dad, despite him only spending just a little time in my mom’s house.
We all know that, the husband ,in a polygamous family, spend most of his time in the youngest wife’s home.
Popularly known as #gachungwa.
Then,my dad fell ill. He was bedridden for a long while.
 And guess who took care of him during the hardest time of his life.#MyMother.
She fed and cleaned him for years.
Without question.Without hesitation.
 With love.
And today, I wanna thank my dad,for, before he died,he did something beautiful.
When a man who is a husband to more than one woman dies, usually,he is either buried in the first or last wife’s compound.
 But my dad asked to be buried at my mother’s homestead.
And i feel it, as a beautiful gesture ,of love, respect and recognition, towards my mom’s effort,care ,and unmeasurable affection.
So, when I tell you that I was not scared, uncertain or ashamed, when I took my partner home,it is because I have seen and experienced my mom’s love, first hand.
It was 7 years, before the last time I went home.
 And we are on our 8th year since we started dating, hence you can understand why she had not met my mother.
Today,will not talk about why,I stayed for 7 years without visiting home,but will definitely do,on a later date.
Now,I didn’t not inform my mum that I was going home,leave alone tell her that I was visiting ,with someone.
And when we arrived,she was seated on a chair,  at the center of our homes compound.
She first thought it was our neighbors visitors, because we have a path that passes by our house. Hence,she continued sitting.
Then she saw me,as I approached her.
 She jumped up and came fast, towards me.
 Then hugged me so tight as she prayed and cried at the same time.
I then introduced my fiancee,who was standing behind me.
“This is the famous Stella”,I told her.
“Famous”? You may ask.
Despite them not having met,I always talk to my mom about #MySexyLolo.
When we talk on phone,I have to tell her about how I am,what am doing,and all.
 And there is no me,without my girlfriend.
I have no life, without her.
Though I have never told her that she is my lover.
 But she knows that she is a real friend.
 Someone who has been with me through thick and thin.
 My mother knows that I am a better person, and probably alive because I have Timeka Suspect in my life.
And am certain that she knows about my romantic relationship with her.
For am not the kind of a person who hides her affection despite whatever.
 But we have never talked about it
To cut the long story short.
My mother met my fiancee.
My fiancee met my mother.
 And I can tell you for a fact that,there was love in the air.
It was the most exciting moment of my life.
The most important women in my life, sitting together, talking, eating and drinking in laughter’s.
The two Queens in my life.
I love you both, like crazy.
Now,when I call my mom, the first thing she asks is  “Stella wakwa arî oho”?
 Meaning, “Is my Stella there”?
Thank you mama.
#NB In the pic,my fiancee is eating something,it’s called #Mabibu . It’s the fruit from the cashew nut tree , behind us.  On that day,my mom was giving us a tour,on her land. And when we got at that tree,she cut the fruit and instead of her giving it to her lastborn,me,she gave it to my my best half.