Injustice by Grammo Suspect ft Poyzone-Rainbow Ambassador Kenya ( EMBRACE DIVERSITY)


From class one,always no one in every assignement

Went through Sunday School,at ten,she was taking the sacrament.

Did everything, the parents asked of her, without argument.

Clever,obedient,God fearing,the constitution that needed no amendment.

At 18,in many young mens heart,she was the monument.

Using the word beautiful to describe her,is an understatement.

So, they flocked her house,begging for dowery payment.

But the only thing in her mind, was what she was waiting for,University enrollment.

Then one day, in college canteen where she was taking her refreshments.

Is when she met, what we would call her todays predicament.

She now loathes in poverty,due to lack of employment.

They denied her degree, because they found out about her engagement.

Falling in love with a fellow woman, caused this punishment.

Something that was beyond her understanding, stronger than any government.

The more she prayed about it,the stronger was the attachment.

And the injustice, left her in nothing short, of resentment.

Verse 2

On the other hand,Johny was always viewed as different.

From tender age ,through his puberty, in each and every element.

He chose to be addressed as Kony in netball tournaments.

Felt more comfortable in a dress,yes the female garment.

An orphan, hence lived with an uncle who worked in law enforcement.

The same person, whom for a decade, abused her, to his fullfillment.

Verbal,physical and sexual harrasment, were the uncles source of entertainment.

Where at times ,he called upon his older son, for reinforcement.

And for a very long time,this trans sufferd torment .

She prayed long and hard,for God to send her, for retirement.

But instead,3 types of infections, was the doctors establishment.

And due to the cause,she was denied treatment.

Her uncle was the law, hence there was no written statement.

So,there was no way she could prove his involvement.

Trans injustice,led to this girl, discrimination,humiliation then imprisonment.

Mr president,there is no doubt that this laws need reassessment.

Verse 3

The word , the father used to describe his sons love was, embarrassment.

At his 10th birthday celebrations, which was followed by the denouncement.

A few minutes before, Dan’s father had made a suprise announcement.

“Son,go and kiss the love of your life”,was the statement.

Couragiously,Dan stood up and headed to where Peter was ,to everyone’s astonishment.

Smilled at him and he smilled back,then they kissed, to everyone’s amazement.

That simple act of love brought about change of environment.

Things turned dramatic and sour,quite the opposite of intended enjoyment.

Just like that,the innocent boy was forced to face displacement.

After his angry father, fiercly and publicly declared disownment.

This is oppression of the highest level to mankind, without measurement.

We need to fight this vices, that are nothing short of enslavement.

Freedom is never free,we all need to have this acknowledgement.

Its time to fight for this human rights,without any postponement.

In the constitution ,protection of the minority groups was the agreement.

Hence, we have every right to ask the goverment for endorsement