Even after BEING THREATENED and BADLY INSULTED by Kenyans these two women prove KENYANS ARE WRONG


– Rapper Grammo Suspect is back to show Kenyans that her love to Timeka is still flaming hot – The ladies shared photos online showing their love sparking mixed reaction from, again In 2016, female rapper Grammo Suspect and her lover Timeka found themselves fighting against Kenyans after they declared they are madly in love. Grammo Suspect and Timeka. Images: Courtesy READ ALSO: Kenyans force Americans to apologise after using Al-Shabaab’s horrific attack video Kenyans rebuked the two for being lesbians, with many telling them to grow up. Some claimed that two women can never love each other. Flash forward to a 2017 and not so much has changed. The controversial couple has once again been rebuked after posting more photos and confessing how their love is till flaming hot. READ ALSO: Young boy killed by villages in Naivasha for stealing Suspect proposed to Timeka in 2016, a thing that annoyed some even further. The rapper has released two videos so far, with one being called “Injustice”. The song addresses the current tense state of Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) in Kenya. Install TUKO New App & Enjoy News For FREE “It took me almost 4 years to propose but I thank God she said yes. I love you #MySexyLolo. #LGBT #LoveIsLove. “The surprise got her emotional, but that didn’t stop her from saying yes,” said suspect after proposing last year. Watch Grammo Suspect’s video below: e: https://www.tuko.co.ke/231778-even-being-threatened-badly-insulted-by-kenyans-women-prove-kenyans-are-wron.html