Grammo Suspect. Rainbow Ambassador Mombasa.
Mombasa County, Kenya.
+254 717 044 581

Lyrical Human Rights Activist. Join Me In The Fight For Equality & Protection.


Grammo Suspect– Rainbow Ambassador Kenya ,aka Mtetezi wa Raia,is a lyrical activist,meaning,she uses her talent to fight for human rights,and mostly,the LGBTQI community in Kenya,Africa,and the whole world at large.

She was born Grace Wambui Munene,in the year 1982 in Lamu county, Kenya.

She released her first solo album titled LIVITY,in 2009,where most of the songs talked of the atrocities committed by the Kenyan politicians towards Kenyan citizens, which earned her the title “Mtetezi wa Raia”, ( Citizens defender).

In 2012,after coming out of the closet,she decided it was time she started doing music that would fight for the rights of the LGBTQI community,with an aim to claim justice,against discrimination, humiliation and harassment they face on daily basis.

And she started the journey of recording her album EMBRACE DIVERSITY, that focuses entirely on matters affecting the LGBTI community, which she just released.

What Defines Grammo? x


Not afraid to speak publicly, even when others don’t care to hear what is being said.


I really love what I do. in this case am very loyal to the idea and the people I interact with.

Human Rights

What makes me a good activist is that I refuse to accept how people treat others, because of their sexuality.


Selflessness, putting us before me (and us is everyone).


As an activist i am able to inspire other people like me, to be themselves.


Persistence persistence persistence, and more persistence.

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